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Delimpo Sunroom 3"In the spring of 2015, I browsed the Indiana Armstrong Builders Association website looking for a contractor for an extensive home remodeling project. After reading about several contractors, I decided to contact Dale Deabenderfer. From the first time I met Dale I was impressed by his knowledge of construction and his honesty. We didn’t even consider another contractor after that.

As I said, we had a big project planned. New roof, siding, windows and doors. We wanted a sun room built over an existing patio and a deck built off of our dining room. This meant that several windows had to be taken out and a door placed in the dining room. We wanted quality work, quality materials and seasoned workers. We got everything on our list!

Delimpo Sunroom 5The sun room is just what I wanted. I call it “my happy place.” It’s really more of a Florida room because we use it every day. I love the openness of it. The windows allow me to view my backyard and watch the birds and other wildlife. We are really enjoying the deck off the dining room. It’s so nice to go out in the morning with a cup of coffee or have dinner in the evening.

Ed and Jim, Dale’s two carpenters, are the best! We know that everything was well built and up to code. I never had to question anything they did. I know they had our best interest at heart. They take pride in their work, and it shows. They were well organized and cleaned up after themselves each day. Very hard workers! Dale was there every step of the way. Meeting me at lumber companies and always being at the house when I talked to window and door representatives. I know we got quality products.

Delimpo Sunroom 4We are so happy with the results! The house is beautiful and we have received many compliments. So many people have asked us who did the work. If we had to do it over again we would definitely use Deabenderfer Construction.

We highly recommend them!"

Carol Morandi Delimpo & Dave Delimpo

Indiana, PA


Stoudt Home 400

"We are writing on behalf of Dale Deabenderfer and Deabenderfer Construction to attest to the building of our home. Dale and his crew worked on our house from the beginning with the original contractor of our home. During that time it became clear that Dale and his crew were the most skilled and pleasant people with whom we had to work. They asked for our suggestions on the construction and listened carefully to us. It was very satisfying to work with them.

Later in the construction our original contractor was responsible for quite a bit of trouble, with shoddy workmanship, financial mismanagement, and general malfeasance. Before this time the Deabenderfer Construction team had move on to other jobs. When the construction came to a halt because of the troubles, we found ourselves in a terrible position. The construction loan was low on funds, many of the subcontractors who had been work-ing on the house were not paid, some of the workman-ship already completed was unsatisfactory, and our home was very far from completion. During this trouble we re- membered our previous dealings with Dale and asked him if he would come back and be the builder of our home. S&T Bank was the holder of our building loan and mortgage at the time, and they were very happy that Dale agreed to take on the job. The bank knew of Dale’s excellent reputation and this influenced their decision to allow the construction to begin again. Dale and his crew worked under constraining circumstances. He worked with limited funds because most of the construction funds had been improperly used. Because many people involved with the previous work on our home were not paid (it should be noted that Deabenderfer Construction itself had not been fully compensated for previous work), most of the subcontractors and suppliers in the area were leery of working with us. The bank was carefully watching the developments, and Dale and his crew were working with a distraught couple who had been through plenty of trouble. Dale got the job done. Many subcontractors told us that only because of Dale’s reputation for honesty did they come back to work on the house. He was very diplomatic and up front with them. Dale’s diplomatic skills persuaded suppliers to sell us materials and complete the job. We did not end up with a substandard job, even under these circumstances. Poor workmanship from the previous workers was noticed and fixed. We have had many very positive comments about the workmanship from visitors to our home. Our father is a retired carpenter who is quite fussy about details in construction work. He was impressed with the job Dale and his crew did.

We are very pleased with the work of Deabenderfer Construction. They do excellent work, are versatile and work with the homeowner. We recommend them to friends and we recommend them to you."


Gary & Rebecca Stoudt


Byrnes Home 400 5

"My wife and I purchased land and a Lindal Cedar Home in 1995. We engaged professional people associated with Lindal to recommend a contractor in the Indiana County area to construct our new home. These professionals recommended Dale Deabenderfer and Deabenderfer Construction. After working with Dale and his staff, since November 1995, we heartily agree with the professional recommendation.

We have found Deabenderfer Construction to be very competent in all aspects of home construction. The Lindal home is of post and beam construction. This construction is not popular, since its costly and requires attention to detail. Unlike stick home construction where dry wall covers errors, an error in the post and beam must be redone. As far as we could tell, Dale didn’t have errors to be redone. We found Deabenderfer Construction, with Dale’s two decades of experience, to be knowledgeable in all aspects of construction, from site preparation and foundation through the minute details of finish installation.

Angela Paul Byrne 1As a plus, we found Dale to be a very nice person. Someone we looked on as a friend. He will discuss aspects of the job with you, explain your questions and figure out solutions to any changes. We can recommend Deabenderfer Construction without reservation."


Angela and Paul Byrne


Felix home 400 1"Deabenderfer Construction,

We just wanted to send you a “Thank You” for all of the hard work that you and your crew did on our construction project!

We would like to especially thank Ray and Brandon for their attention to detail and the great ideas they had to make our home even better! We appreciate everything you did and continue to do for us!

Please let us know if you would ever need us to give your company a referral in the future, it would be our pleasure!

Thanks again,"

Joe, Natalie, Bradley and Maggie Felix


Sharons School of Dance

"Dear Dale & Cindy,

What can we say? You have made a dream come true for us both. Your hard work and talents have turned a dream into a reality and will continue to enhance the lives of many children for many years to come! Your perseverance is so appreciated; what a crew you have working for you!

The dance plaque is beautiful and will always be a part of our special place. I’ll wear the dance pin and always remember the hard work it took on so many different peoples’ part to make a dream come true!

Thank you for being an understanding contractor, a talented artisan, and a caring friend!

We did it!"

John and Sharon


rhea home 400

"Dale & Crew,

We just want to say how happy we are with our new deck! It’s such a pleasure to go out in the mornings and drink our coffee and read the paper. It’s also nice to be able to walk out in our bare feet and not have to worry about splinters. Now that we also have the roof over it, we will definitely get more use out of it.

Thank you all,"

Sonny & Donna Rhea



"Once we decided to go ahead with a major renovation to our home, we talked to three contractors. We got similar cost estimates from two of them (one didn’t even call us back) and chose Deabenderfer Construction. This was an easy decision—even before we received their estimate, the professionalism of Dale and his crew was very apparent. They took the time to carefully assess what we wanted done and to consider and explain a variety of options for aspects of the project.

During the course of the project several situations arose where decisions had to be made. Dale always met with us to explain the situation and the possible solutions. In almost every case these meetings ended with us saying “do whatever you think is best’’. We were confident in Dale’s commitment to quality workmanship and were never unhappy with the result. The entire project went smoothly, and took slightly longer than expected only due to permitting issues beyond the contractor’s control. The final cost of the project was very close to the initial estimate and there were no surprises along the way.

EllenChin20As an example of how Dale and his crew went the extra mile, we were not completely happy with the way that one of the gutter downspouts was installed by the subcontractor. We mentioned this to Dale and Ed. It would have been easy for them to say that it would be too difficult to change and we should just live with it. Instead, even though re-routing the downspout involved some tricky work to remove and reinstall siding, Ed made the change and we were very pleased with the result.

In short, we were 100% satisfied with the work done by Dale and his crew. Thank you Todd, Ed, Jim, Ray, and Dale for turning the home that we had into the home that we wanted."


Ellen Chinn and Jon Southard



"I would highly recommend Deabenderfer Construction for any home or business building project! After 13 military moves, which included the purchase and sale of five different houses over the years, my wife and I had an extensive collection of “wants” and “don’t wants” as we planned our final home. Dale and his folks converted our ideas and sketches into the home we’d been dreaming of, and made the design process look pretty effortless. I’m a tough guy to please – and even harder to impress – but Dale’s use of top quality materials and attention to the smallest details throughout the construction process were absolutely outstanding. We couldn’t be happier with the final product… not to mention the great relationship we’ve had with the entire Deabenderfer team. Top marks for a truly outstanding construction company!"

- Todd Burd, MD



"We would like to commend Dale and all the employees of Deabenderfer Construction for their excellent work. We feel our new home was built with genuine care and concern for every detail. Dale guided us through every phase of the construction with professionalism. Everyone was very easy to work with. It was a pleasure doing business with Deabenderfer Construction."

Len & Joan Smith