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The biggest obstacle to overcome is choosing the exact materials to be installed as part of your new or remodeled home. We offer the following tips for your decisions making.

    • Catalogs:  Deabenderfer Construction has access to manufacturers' catalogs.
    • Retail Showrooms:  Deabenderfer Construction has arrangements with retailers so their clients will be able to select materials easily.
    • Trade-only Showrooms:  Deabenderfer Construction has arrangements with local businesses so they can take or send you to select materials.
    • Remodelers Showrooms:  Deabenderfer Construction has some stock samples of products they install.
    • Web Pages:  Online is a great source for manufacturers' products and price comparison.
    • Buying and Supplying Your Own Materials:  Deabenderfer Construction stands behind their work. They provide materials with warranties. If you, the client, supply the material, be prepared to forgo any warranty coverage through your contractor.
    • Deabenderfer Construction advises all clients to be prepared! Deabenderfer Construction will tell you in advance what you will need and provide a time line for the purchases. Always keep track of your budget allowances as outlined in the construction contract.
    • If more than one homeowner is involved in choosing materials, pay close attention to each other's styles. Remodeling can be stressful and you do not want to miss a deadline because the two of you cannot agree.
    • Know your schedule! Deabenderfer Construction documents will include a written schedule on when you must make material selections. Your remodeling job can come to a screeching halt if material selections are not made in a timely manner. Deabenderfer Construction will keep in touch with you on changes in the schedule.
    • Always ask showrooms, if the material selected is in stock. If not, be sure to ask how long it will take for delivery. Some special orders take months to receive. This will impact the construction schedule tremendously. Deabenderfer Construction will be with you at the showroom.