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Deabenderfer Construction knows the only way to earn your business and trust is to develop a plan that meets as many of your remodeling goals as possible within your financial resources.

So, first you need a budget. Sharing your financial concerns can be scary. But keeping it to yourself will only lead to frustrations later on, especially if the design solves your remodeling concerns but destroys your financial plan.

Establishing Your Financial Plan

  • Deabenderfer Construction will share a list of past clients for references.
  • Deabenderfer Construction will happily share ballpark planning figures.
  • The general rule of thumb is to spend what it takes to satisfy your remodeling wish list if you plan to live in the house a long time. If you are looking towards resale, respect the standards of your neighborhood.
  • Always keep some money in reserve. Deabenderfer Construction will give you a fixed price and stand by it. Most homeowners add items onto jobs as their remodeling projects progress. This would be additional charges over and above the fixed price.
  • Decisions must be made on product selection prior to beginning work on your project as well as during the project. These selections will greatly impact the project cost. Deabenderfer Construction will assist you with these selections and work closely with you to develop a set of plans for your project. Deabenderfer Construction will make sure the decisions you make show up in the final construction contract. Listed on the next page are common products needed for your project.