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Deabenderfer Construction insists on a written contract guaranteeing what you will get for your money. Deabenderfer Construction contracts include the following:

  • Blueprint or sketches showing what section of your home is to be remodeled.
  • A list of written details for the work to be performed.
  • A list of materials, noting allowances for some items.
  • Cleanup provisions.
  • Timetable.
  • Change orders.
  • Responsibility of any sub-contractors.
  • Laws pertaining to building codes as well as hazards.
  • Payment schedule.
  • Fixed-price contract, a contractor agrees to do the work for a price specified in advance.
  • Resolution of difference if something goes wrong.
  • Cost-plus pricing, the contractor passes expenses on to you as the client with a markup for overhead and profit, or a guarantee maximum price.
  • Retain some money until the job has been completed. This makes sure that the end of the job details are handled correctly.

Depending on the size and complexity of the job, Deabenderfer Construction reserves the right to charge a fee for any pre-design work.  We will keep you informed, in advance, should a design fee be involved for your particular job.  Please note that the design fee will be credited in full toward the overall cost of the job, should you move forward with Deabenderfer on your remodeling or new construction project.  In most cases, smaller jobs would have no associated design fee.


Timing is everything! It is not uncommon to spend six months or more planning a remodeling project. Deabenderfer Construction will be able to assist you in this process and offer the following guidelines.

  • Expect to meet with Deabenderfer Construction as many as a half-dozen times to iron out design details. This will be followed with phone conversations, and/or e-mails between parties.
  • Once a design and a contract has been signed, work may not begin immediately. Orders must be placed and materials must arrive before work can begin. For example, kitchen cabinets can take up to six weeks for delivery.
  • How long will construction take? Be prepared to live with a construction crew for two to four weeks for a typical kitchen remodel. It may take two to three months for an addition, depending upon the design. Deabenderfer Construction will treat your home like their own.
  • On most jobs activity is in full swing early with the crew doing the quick work of demolition and framing. Later, as workers wait for drywall compound, paint and other finishes to dry, or special orders to be delivered, work is at a much slower pace.
  • Deabenderfer Construction will keep you up to date on all activity on a daily basis.


On every job there will be mistakes and surprises. Dealing with them will involve decisions on your part. Deabenderfer Construction will be there to assist along the way and offer the following tips to assist you as well.

  • Maintain close contact with Deabenderfer Construction on a daily basis. Walk through the project once a week with the foreman and take a close look at each day’s work after the crews have left.
  • When something is wrong, bring it to the attention of Deabenderfer Construction immediately. Most construction mistakes are not intentional but a result of a mix-up in communication.
  • If a mistake has not been made, but you do not like what you see based on the original plans, what are your options? Deabenderfer Construction will help you decide if you can live with it or not. If you cannot, you may be responsible for any changes.
  • If you decide to add more details than originally planned, once the work begins, a change order comes into play. The change order is in addition to your contract. These additions may increase or decrease the cost of the job. Deabenderfer Construction will assist you with all changes in the plans.

Deabenderfer Construction hopes you will use this information to assist us with any and all remodeling projects you have in the future. If we can be of further assistance, please contact our office.