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Dreaming about your home improvements? Now is the time to convert your ideas and wishes into a working plan.

  • Deabenderfer Construction Design/Build, LLC will help you make a list of things you like about your home, things you would like to change and any other thoughts you have about your project.
  • Think about problems you hope to solve by remodeling. For example, does your home need more rooms and or different types of rooms? Do people run into each other because of the poorly planned hallways and corridors? Does your home get enough sunlight? Do you need to change the windows?
  • If you are thinking of adding an addition, where would the new space be located? Are you willing to give up unused spaces in order to minimize the size of an addition?
  • Finally, jot down as many ideas as possible about features you would like the new space to include. Would you like vaulted ceilings? Do you want a fireplace in the bedroom or family room? Would you like built-in bookcases in a family room?

If some of your ideas are vague, don’t worry. The more ideas you can supply to Deabenderfer Construction Design/Build, LLC, the more successful the outcome of the project.