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ThinkstockPhotos 185623587Deabenderfer Construction Design/Build, LLC is a Design/Build firm. Design/Build means we can work with you on your project from the preliminary design and specifications through construction. If you already have a professional design, Deabenderfer Construction will work with that design to produce a proposal with all the specifications necessary to give you a firm price on your project.

The design/build process has been established to ensure your satisfaction and is able to deliver the best value available. When we come to your home, we will discuss what you want to accomplish, any special needs, and what type of investment you want to make in your home. At this meeting we will also discuss your budget. This part of the meeting the client would rather avoid, but its importance can’t be understated. We need to clearly understand your budgetary goals so we can help shape an affordable solution to your needs. Our expertise with renovations big and small is helpful in guiding you to what is possible with specific budget parameters.

Within a few days of our first meeting, we will send you a letter recapping our discussion, and summarizing our initial conclusions. If you wish to continue, we will meet in your home to inspect the area(s) in which you want the work completed and take pictures, measurements and any magazine clippings or sketches you may have. We will then explain the design process and prepare a Design Agreement for your approval.

The cost of the design process is based on the price of the project depending upon the complexity of the design. If this meets with your approval, the process begins. The design fee will be credited toward the job when a signed contract is received. If a contract is not signed, all fees and design work remains with Deabenderfer Construction Design/Build, LLC.

Here are eight (8) steps to help to answer your questions regarding the design phase and the construction phase:

1. Free Consultation

  • Assess the project’s feasibility
  • Establish the design preferences and needs
  • Discuss the budget
  • Discuss design options and benefits
  • Analyze your needs and preferences

2. Design Development

  • Inspect your home
  • Photo area
  • Obtain measurements
  • Answer any and all of your questions
  • Obtain a Design Agreement

3. Initial Design Presentation (visit our office to see your custom design)

Design begins with our computer CAD System. Toward the end of the design phase, we hold “trade day” during which we bring the sub-contractors to visit your home. We provide plans and specifications to their work, give them a tour of the job, and ask that they meet with you briefly to get a clear understanding of your goals for the project to ensure all are on the same page.

4. Final Design Presentation

  • Review the final drawings
  • Discuss design options and benefits
  • Evaluate product options
  • Review your detailed project specifications
  • Finalize construction agreement
  • Answer your questions and concerns

5. Finish Selections (to ensure that your project will be completed on time and on budget, it is never too early to start the selective process)

  • Review your product selections
  • Finalize your selections
  • Cabinet and countertop colors
  • Flooring styles and colors
  • Hardware selections
  • Roofing, window and siding colors
  • Plumbing and lighting fixtures
  • Paint and tile selections

6. Pre-Production Planning (Construction Phase Begins)

  • Produce construction build plans
  • Structural engineering (if required)
  • Obtain building permits
  • Discuss specific homeowner concerns and requests (for example, where the crew should park, special considerations involving children, animals or security systems)
  • Review project design and construction plans
  • Review project schedule

7. Project Production Procedures

  • Weekly job recaps, if needed
  • Review the accomplishments of the past week
  • Discuss plans for the next week
  • Discuss any issues or concerns of the homeowners
  • Work site regulations and safety
  • Mid-project evaluation
  • Mid-project walk-through

8. Project Completion Procedures

Final inspection with the homeowner to make sure every detail meets your high standards. We meet with you and develop a list that records minor issues that need to be addressed to satisfy either you the client or Deabenderfer Construction. The items are then addressed and Deabenderfer Construction presents you with a close-out book that includes all colors, materials, phone numbers and warranty information related to the job.

Finally, two subsequent inspections are scheduled: one in six months and another in 12 months. Deabenderfer Construction recognizes that, once the house remodel or addition goes through a full heating and cooling cycle, there will be minor issued such as cracks or nail-pops. We will repair all such settling imperfections at the 12 month inspection. We know that at this point these types of repairs will stay repaired.